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Community Canteens

What is a community canteen?

Be Enriched creates 3rd Spaces for communities to come together, congregate and communicate over a healthy and nutritious hot three course meal. We call this a Community Canteen

​​​​​​​We create spaces where everyone is welcome using a whole community approach to our project so we get a great mix of ages and wonderful conversation. But it does'nt stop there....

79% of attendees said they returned to socialise with people they met there and friendships have continued outside of the meal, with guest attending events and dinners with each other.

But where does your food come from?
We work with supermarkets, greengrocers and markets to reduce and redirect their useable surplus food to our projects where we utilise a range of local chefs and volunteers to cook up a delicious lunch or supper.

So where are these meals?
We currently run three projects across South London -

The Graveney Canteen , Tooting United Reformed Church, Rookstone Road, Fridays
The Battersea Canteen, The London Cooking project, 1 Ethelburga Street, Tuesdays
The Castle Canteen, Crossways Christian Centre, 18 Hampton Street, Mondays

Find out more about where you can volunteer or feast with us!

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Shortlisted for a Community Award 2016 Finalist for Most Sustainable Street food Vendor and Innovation Awards 2016
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