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Brixton People's Kitchen

Brixton People's Kitchen is a social enterprise that supports Be Enriched,
They collect surplus food from local shops, markets and businesses.
Then invite a diverse range of people to cook in Myatts field's on the mobile kitchen or help run a quick cooking course on a bicycle kitchen or at the cafe. – whether you just want to chop onions or are up for taking charge of a dish, you’re in!
They run Supper Clubs, Corporate Team events and are currently writing lots of things!
They welcome everyone to enjoy a meal on a donations basis and pitch in with ideas about what we should do next!

Go to their website to find out more: www.brixtonpeopleskitchen.com

If you would like to volunteer please sign up using the link:

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Shortlisted for a Community Award 2016 Finalist for Most Sustainable Street food Vendor and Innovation Awards 2016
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