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Be Enriched: Battersea

The Battersea Canteen is the third Be Enriched project which opened in January 2016. The London Cooking Project kindly let us use their venue every Tuesday to carry out our community activities.

We cook up a feast every Tuesday from 6:30pm at the London Cooking Project, 1 Ethelburga Street in Battersea.

We utilise professional chefs alongside newbies and experienced cooks to deliver a delicious meal made from surplus food. We support the community to come and learn cooking skills and learn about food surplus use. Come and cook with us from 5pm.

We have partnered with Co-op and Flour To the People for this project.
Email us: volunteering@be-enriched.org

Everybody is welcome to stop by, share and eat.

If you fancy volunteering, please sign up below:

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Shortlisted for a Community Award 2016

Finalist for Most Sustainable Street food Vendor and Innovation Awards 2016

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