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We work with young people from all backgrounds regularly supporting Young offenders to complete community service and experiential support. We host NCS and Headstart youth volunteers every year, are a youth partner for 02 Think Big and V-Inspired and accredited with Erasmus Plus for EVS and youth until 2020.
If you are interested in working with us drop us an email: hello@be-enriched.org


Healthy Holidays (30 July - 10th August 2018

We'll be delivering a summer project in Battersea London for primary aged children and their families including 3 meals and summer activities

London, UK 26th July - 2nd August 2015

A project, Be Enriched hosted, where 43 young people met to discuss and debate ways in which sharing and waste happens in Europe and creation of simple solutions that they can implement to combat waste and become more environmentally sound. Over the week they created a international booklet of sharing v waste ideas, Visited a material recovery centre and a scrap store, learnt how to upcycle and yarn bomb as well as hosted a community environment debate.
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European Act with Pride, Palermo, Sicily 23 June - 1st July 2015

A project looking at Human Rights and how this is adhered to in European countries. 5 UK young people and 25 Romainan, Georgian, Latvian and Sicillian young people learned about the Human rights act and discussed its affects on young people as well as took part in a university debate and Sicilian gay pride.
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Wandsworth Cooking Club February- July 2014

This was a project for young people living, working or studying in London, to learn how to cook good food, waste less, budget and learn nutritional skills.
The children were taught how to cook a three course roast by taught by a professional trained chef and learnt how to cook staple meals as well as nutritional information.
This project was run and managed by young people for young people and supported by the Wandsworth Eco fund, Think Big and local people.
The Young people raised 6.5k in just over 3 months which went on delivering a series of cooking workshops and Be Enriched supported them with office space, mentoring and support the whole way.
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Acting Out - Newbridge, Ireland - June 21st-29th 2014

This was the first part in a intercultural theatrical dialogue project taking place in Ireland with participants from Austria, The Azores, Ireland and the UK.
Young people were between 16-25 and interested in theatre, drama, music and performance.
There were week long workshops in clowning, masks, the Human being, Theatre of the oppresed, Forum Theatre, devising and stage combat.
The 6 participants from the UK group delivered a lesson in tribal fusan bellydance.

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Sicily - Erasmus Plus

Young people from London went to a European citizenship seminar in Sicily to work with young people from France, Portugal, Finland and Italy.
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