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Lighting is an essential tool in the home. Whether it’s stylish and affordable LED pendant lighting or a desk light, lighting isn’t only for basic everyday tasks, but for creating a safe and welcoming space. Throughout the course of the pandemic, more and more of us are looking at our home and turning it into a space that reflects our personalities. Gone are the days of velvet lampshades and glaring bulbs, it’s time to create a welcoming atmosphere that words for both working from home and winding down at the end of the day.

Whether you’re looking for complex designs for the near year or something a little more retro, 2021 is building up to be a year of comebacks and new modern takes on classic contemporary design. From hand-blown glass pendants to sophisticated and dynamic chandeliers, will your lighting need sprucing up to keep up with the emerging trends? Below are some of the best lighting ideas for 2021, and some tips and tricks on how to style them.

Sculptural Floor Lamps

Sculptural shapes in lighting are lining up to be a top trend for 2021. Think pieces of art with lighting installed, or decorative lamps that double up as sculpture throughout the daylight hours. Floor lamps will be a big trend for 2021, so expect to see intricate shapes weaved with light.

Bold Colours

Colours, especially bold ones, can speak to us. They can influence our mood, elevate a space if it’s dull, and can be shown off via paint, wallpaper, furnishing and even in lighting. Whether you’re looking for a bold coloured lampshade or you’re really looking to wow with a colour changing bulb, bold colours are another strong contender for 2021 lighting trends. This trend is great if you’re into eclectic style, and will really give you a chance to stand out.

Bold As Brass

In recent years we’ve seen the rise and fall of both gold and rose gold in interior design, but 2021 appears to be the year of brass lighting fixtures.


Lighting doesn’t have to be from one source in the room. You can enhance your space by implementing a number of light sources that have their own purpose. One example of this is in a new and upcoming lighting trend for 2021, the arty lighting trend. This means choosing lighting that highlights art or photography that you have on your walls. Think sconces or specialist art lighting with a warm glow.

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