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The school holidays are fast approaching and we are well aware that 500,000 children across the UK go to school hungry each day. Not only is this an issue about hunger, but their access to healthy, nutritious food is severely limited, and many are living on the breadline. We are therefore very concerned about children going hungry over the summer holidays as they will have no access to meals at school.

We're running a two week holiday club for 400 children living below the poverty line over summer. The club will children affected by holiday hunger the chance to take part in a range of fun activities and receive the nutritious meals that they would otherwise miss so that they can return to school feeling nourished, strong and supported.

On Tuesday 29th of May (the day after World Hunger Day) we are asking our supporters to bring in their lunch from home or to organise a shared lunch at work and donate the money they would have spent to us!

Tweet a picture of your lovely lunch from #giveusyourlunchmoney @be_enriched

We believe in enriching local life through connecting people through community activities and
cultivating respect over a bite.
Since 2013 we have been using a whole community approach to community development, focusing on building skills through volunteering and experiential training as well and serving the needs of the community in a participatory manner.
We are based in London and work in partnership with a range of youth and community organisations in the UK and around Europe.

Work with us weekly or as a one off to reduce social and health inequalities for communities
Community Meals are delivered in 3rd spaces created from surplus and cooked by chefs and volunteers

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